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Germantown, OH House Wash


Matt and Jeremy are general contractors working on this house remodel. They factored into their budget to have the entire house washed, and for a good reason.

In their laundry list of projects, we were able to help them out with a few things. First we got the house washed for them, which made a huge difference for them and the people living there. Next, we did some concrete cleaning on their sidewalks and also on their front porch for them to help clean up the area some. We also volunteered to hop up on the shallow parts of the roof with a leaf blower and blow any debris off the roof including sticks, leaves, moss, and accumulated dirt. We also did some light pressure washing on the brick wall in the front to help knock all the loose paint chips off and prep the surface for fresh paint.

Matt and Jeremy were thrilled to see the results, knowing we also made their life easier with some complimentary services while we were at it.

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